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I Love You Because gift basket

Looking for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine or just because gift? This gift basket is perfect for anyone you love! I went to Target and grabbed my husbands favorite snacks and a new comfy t shirt. I got Valentine cardstock paper from Michaels and attached popsicle sticks to each item. Then the fun part was coming up with punny puns. Here is what my basket contains:

T-shirt- “You’d give me the shirt off your back.” Oreos- “You make my days double stuffed with happiness.” Kit Kat- “You’re the Kats meow!” Cheez-its- “You don’t care when I’m super cheezy

Reeses Pieces- “Without you I‘d fall to pieces.”

Resses- “You butter my cup.” Goldfish- “You are the greatest catch of my life.”

His favorite Old Spice Swagger deodorant- “You have some major swagger”

This was such a fun basket to make and he loved it! Have fun.


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