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That's a wrap!

Quick, easy, healthy and delicious! Wraps are a weekly meal in our house, they make great hassle free lunches and you can dress them up and throw in some sides for a nice dinner.

I like to cook some extra chicken breast or steak during our meal prepping to have already made for wraps and salads, on the weekend I usually cook a couple extra servings and just keep in the fridge ready to grab on our busier week days.

We try to eat fresh, healthy diets in our house. We limit carbs, avoid processed foods, and do our best to shop fresh and local! Cutting out just the bread in your daily lunch sandwich or using local honey in your tea instead of sugar can make a huge difference in your health and diet. Pretty much anything you would eat on a bun or bread can be made into a lettuce wrap! I prefer to use romaine but you can use anything from iceberg to butter (living) lettuce.

Last night we had some delicious Chicken Bacon Ranch wraps #yum! I used a romaine leaf, some ranch dressing, chicken breast seasoned with lemon and parsley, apple-wood bacon, mozzarella cheese and fresh avocado.

Here are some other wrap ideas:

-Taco Wraps

-Ham and cheese

-Greek Chicken

-Steak and Peppers

-Club Sandwich

-Lemon Chicken and herbs


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