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Clean Beauty for Oily Skin

I've received several messages asking what line works best for oily skin that is prone to breakouts. Let me introduce you to our Countercontrol Regimen. Take back control of your skin with Countercontrol, a powerful regimen for oily and blemish-prone skin that mattifies and clears without dryness and irritation.


Clear Pore Cleanser: This daily exfoliating cleanser effectively removes oil, makeup, and other impurities without harsh surfactants that can strip skin of moisture.


Instant Matte Toner: This alcohol-free mattifying toner removes residual impurities, reduces excess oil, and minimizes the appearance of pores.


All Over Acne Treatment: This daily all over treatment helps clear blemishes and prevents future breakouts from forming.


Matte Effect Gel Cream: With an innovative cream-to-gel formula, this non-greasy hydrator maintains healthy moisture levels while controlling oil for up to eight hours.

Consumer panel study results using Countercontrol products:

There are a million things I love about Beautycounter and one of those is our 60 day full refund return policy. That means if you try Countercontrol, and don’t think it’s right for your skin or see changes, you can return what you have left and get ALL of your money back. What are you waiting for? Not sure if Countercontrol is the regimen for you? Comment or send me a private message, I’d love to help you.


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