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Women Shaming Women

All I see are women shaming women all over my newsfeed. It's sad. One of the hottest topics in politics is women equality. But tonight I'm seeing a double standard. Some of the same women that obsessed over Fifty Shades of Grey, went to opening night of Magic Mike or drooled over Adam Levine are the same ones that are slamming Shakira and JLo for their halftime performance. Some of you talking bad about them are also the same women that watch every episode of Dancing With The Stars, where women are dancing in skimpy outfits on every episode. Now suddenly these two mothers strut there bodies (smoking hot bodies; if I might add) during their performance of a lifetime and you turn to your social media platform to shame them. If you didn't like it then turn the channel. What happened to women supporting women? Don't be the double standard. Don't fall into the mom shaming spiral. You are better than that.


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