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10 Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

In our house we LOVE holidays. Now that I have kids of my own its so fun to teach them about each holiday. My oldest is three and is just now at the age where he is understanding each holiday. I've put together a list of some great Valentine's Day Activities that you can do to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

1. Make a yummy Valentine's Snack or Meal

Here are a few easy ones that you and your kids could make together!

2. Read a Valentine Book

Here are a few of our favorites you can get on Amazon!

3. Play a Fun Valentine game

Check out this list of 30+ Fun Valentine Games by Happiness is Homemade

4. Have a Mother/Son or Daddy/daughter date night

Kids love one on one time with a parent or grandparent. Ask your child to be your Valentine and if they would like to go on a date. Pick a place together, dress up and have a nice night out. Teach them proper date etiquette while out and about. They will love it and you will have a blast making memories together.

5. Decorate the house with a cute Valentine Craft

I love this Paper Plate Valentine's Heart Wreath by The Resourceful Mama or head over to Live Like You are Rich to see her adorable 25 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts

6. Make DIY Valentine Cards for family and friends

Red Ted Art always has the cutest craft ideas for little ones. I love this list of Valentine Gifts for Preschoolers to make. Click here.

7. Wear cute Valentine's shirts or PJs

Here are some of our favorites you can buy off Amazon!

8. Talk about how much Jesus loves us.

This holiday is a GREAT time to teach your children about the love our Heavenly Father has for all of us. I LOVE this blog post by Live Well Play Together that has 14 bible verses to teach your kids for Valentine's Day and different ways you can discuss each one.

9. Pick Flowers to Gift

Kids love to give gifts and to see how happy it makes someone. I love the idea of letting your little one either pick flowers from your own garden or pickout a bouquet at a local grocery store. Ask them who they want to show that they appreciate and help them get the flowers to them. Your child will have fun picking out the flowers and make someone's day at the same time.

10. Write love notes for your kids.

Who doesn't love to be given compliments? You can make your own or buy premade ones. I adore these Love Notes for Kids I found on Amazon. Click Here to purchase!


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