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Your Last Latch: The End of Our Nursing Journey

We are just short of 14 months. We’ve spent the past three months slowly weaning. My goal was to wean you by 12 months. Then your first birthday rolled around and I felt that you weren’t ready-I wasn’t ready- we weren’t ready. So I’ve held on to these sweet nap time and bedtime cuddles a little longer than I planned.

But something keeps telling me that now is the time. I’m nursing my last baby for the very last time. You are curled up in my arms. All 30 pounds of my chunky baby boy. Your chubby, dimpled hands are playing with my mouth and nose like you always do. You just looked up at me smiling.

The past few weeks you haven’t asked for mamas milk as much and have even gone to sleep without it a few times. You only drink from a big boy cup now and I know you will do fine. You are ready.

But this very last time I’m letting you nurse as long as you want. I’m pretty sure you are only nursing for comfort now and you are loving every last drop.

We’ve been through so much the past 14 months. When you were born you latched on immediately and perfectly. I was so proud of you. The first few months we had to learn how to deal with my over production and your reflux. It was hard. Lots of tears. Lots of burp rags. Lots of sleepless nights holding you up right. Two rounds of mastitis but we did it!

I’ve loved this breastfeeding journey with you and I’m so thankful I had the supply and nutrients to keep your growing tummy satisfied. Thank you for all the milk drunk cuddles and for being patient with me when I could barely hold my eyes open during night feedings. This next chapter will be tough on us both but your a big boy and we will work through this together. I love you so much.


Your mommy


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