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Hey y’all! So here it is. My very first post. My name is Kandis. I’m a stay at home mom living in the suburbs of #dfw with my husband, Anthony, and two handsome boys, Raylon (3 years old) and Layton (8 months old). #boymom

The hardest part of starting a blog was naming it. What do I name my not-so-secret diary? Before becoming a mom I was a Criminal Defense Paralegal and I loved my job. My mindset was that of a determined work-a-holic. But then something happened. Life changed. I became a mother. The day my baby boy was born it was as if a reset button was pressed inside my brain. I suddenly went from a mindset of a work-a-holic to the mindset of a mom. My world revolves around my children and husband.

I’m known for being an open book and I probably share too much. But when a mom reaches out to me and says “thank you for being real” it makes it 100% worth it. I've had many mom friends recommend starting a lifestyle blog. So here it is. I will always be 100% honest and REAL. I’m not a perfect mom. I struggle every day. But thanks to God's grace and mercy I wake up every morning to a new day that I can hopefully make a difference in not only my childrens lives but also the life of others.

Thank you for following me and I hope you enjoy a peek into my mindset as a mommy.


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