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Before a Flower Blooms

Anxiety has been a constant battle for most of my life. Starting as a child, I had so much test anxiety, I would make myself sick. Then when I became a mother my anxiety was worse than it ever was. Honestly, almost four years later, I’m still learning how to overcome. Personally, I function better with a structured scheduled and with all the current changes in our routine, I’m struggling. Really struggling.

There was a moment today that I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I really couldn’t even tell you what has me so overwhelmed. I just am.

I’ve had the song “Speak” by @covworship on replay to help with my nerves. I will “shout HIS name out in the darkness and watch it bring forth the light.” I’m thankful that there is power, beyond our understanding, when speaking the name of Jesus.

Right now, life may feel like a storm but remember that before a flower blooms there must be rain. So while it rains, I will “tell the storm I do not fear it for I know You’re alive in me.” When the storm is over and the sun shines His face on us again the flowers will remind us that the storm was necessary for the flowers to grow.


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