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Carbs are Comfort Food

It has been a long week, a very long week! We have had stress, loss, sickness and just a really tough week. We really needed some good comfort in the form of warm sauce covered carbs!

The only downside for me is the mess!! Spaghetti can quickly clutter your counter-tops with pans and sauce-splatter your stove (#yikes!). Honestly the mess free prep is probably my favorite thing about this recipe but it is absolutely delicious also! Pressure cooking really intensifies the flavors of everything and because it is sealed while cooking you are squeezing every ounce of goodness into your dish!

Important Notes:

-Make sure after adding your first half of water that you scrape the bottom completely, anything stuck on at all will throw a BURN error and interfere with the cooking and flavor of your spaghetti. Since pressure cooking is done so quickly, anything stuck stationary at the bottom will scald quickly so this step is key!

-After adding your pasta, stop stirring! If you stir after it is added you will create clumps of noodles.

This dish is approved by Nico! He is a one year old, pasta loving fool! Hey, I said the kitchen remained clean, not the kids! Totally worth the clean up to see this perfect smile!


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