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Snack Packs on the Go


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Anyone else's kid ask them for a snack about 5 million times a day?? It's like the second their plate from breakfast hits the sink they desperately need a snack already!

We are on the go quite a bit between pageants, dance, playgroups, and everything in between so snacks are a must to pack with us when we head out the door. I am definitely guilty of tossing fruit snacks in the bag and running out but on super busy weeks like this week I try to prep snacks so I can feel good about what I feed the kids. My oldest daughter also has a severe food allergy and finding a snack while we are out that doesn't include any oats or certain grains is tricky! You would seriously be amazed at the amount of things that contain oats that you never realized! This week we have packed baby carrots, granny smith apples, orange slices and peanut butter rice chex. We love the chex cereals because they do not contain oats and are also gluten free!

Tip: Lemon juice, vinegar or Sprite rinse will keep your apples from turning once cut. I cut mine and rinse them with vinegar and it keeps them fresh for about a week! Other than fruits and veggies, here are some other ideas for snack preps: -hummus -pretzels -veggie straws -hard boiled egg -granola -pepperoni -pita chips -mixed nuts -peanut butter/almond butter -cheese -crackers


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