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Dips and Tricks

You can't have a party without a good dip! It's one of the easiest and quickest ways to bring tasty treats to a party menu. Kick off Superbowl Sunday by giving your guest delicious snacks and most of them are probably things you already have in your fridge or pantry!

I have gathered up a few of my dip favorites for you to try, I like doing a couple options and usually a hot and a cold dip to choose from.

What to dip:

-Tortilla or Potato chips

-Bagel Chips

-Pita Chips

-Pretzels or Pretzel Chips

-Toasted Bread (Baguettes are great for this!)


In addition to your savory dips you can always sweeten up your party with dessert dips! Get creative with your dips, most dips start with a cream cheese or sour cream base and you can go anywhere from there! Throw in some chocolate chips and brown sugar for a cookie dip, or some rainbow sprinkles and vanilla for a funfetti flavor!

Tips and Tricks: -Cook your chicken breast in your crockpot and use a hand mixed to shred it inside the crockpot once it's done. No extra dishes!

-An easy way to fancy up and dip is to hollow up bread and serve the dip inside!

-Make your dips ahead! When it comes to a party you want to make the day as easy as possible. Have your chicken cooked and ready to mix the night before, and mix you cold dips so you can just pull them out.

Food for a party or gathering doesn't have to be fancy to be delicious, something as simple as a dip can really carry a party! Have some chicken wings, chili, or burgers ready to serve alongside and your party is complete!


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