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Easy Meal Monday: Garlic Seared Chicken

I don't know about ya'll but Monday in our house is ROUGH! Daddy goes back to work after being home all weekend, naps are off schedule from weekend fun, and it is also my laundry day so the last thing I want to do is cook an elaborate meal.

Meal planning has really helped bust through our Monday blues and make for a more productive week while also encouraging us to eat healthier and less take out! I wanted to share with you an easy meal that takes less than 20 minutes to prep and cook but also translates super well for leftovers to have for lunches throughout the week.

This particular recipe will feed a family of four but you can easily add additional servings.

Garlic Seared Chicken:

-2 boneless skinless chicken breast

-Garlic herb seasoning*

-Garlic Powder

-Sea salt

-Fresh ground pepper

-2 Tablespoons of cooking oil

-Half a fresh lemon

-Cut Chicken into one inch strips and toss in garlic seasoning, garlic powder, salt, pepper and set aside

-Pour oil into your pan and set to medium high heat (I prefer to use cast iron but you could use a nonstick or even grill!).

-Once pan is hot, add chicken and sear for 2-3 minutes, flip and cook through

-Remove from heat and squeeze fresh lemon over chicken

The sides for this meal could not be easier! I really love these Bird's Eye Protein Blends as a quick and nutritious side. I get mine at Kroger but they are available at most grocery stores. Along with that we also have some Simple Truth Sweet Potato Fries, free from artificial ingredients and taste great (I would however skip these when saving for further meals, they are best fresh from the oven).

#MoneySavingTip: We buy almost all of our meat in bulk from Sam's Club, Costco, or even the local butcher to save some cash! Pre-cut it to suit whatever meals you have planned, toss it in freezer bags and just thaw in the fridge overnight before cooking.

Happy Monday!!

**This particular Garlic Rub Seasoning is Pampered Chef (Garlic, Rosemary, and Basil) which I highly recommend, but you can always substitute with another brand of even other flavors.


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