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Hey Mama, Keep Growing Up

When they are born they only know one thing and that is mom. They want to be loved and nurtured and our motherly instincts know just what to do.

Then they turn one. One is what I call the explorer age. This is when they begin to realize there is more than just a nurturing momma. They start letting go of our hand and exploring a whole new world while mom learns how to help them explore and still be there to kiss the boo boos when they fall.

Then they turn two. Two is when they discover they have a voice. They know words but are not sure exactly how to use them properly. As a mom, you learn to help them explore the world with those words. You read to them. You name everything they see and everything they do.

Then there is three. At three, they are still exploring the world both physically and mentally, but now, they are realizing they also have opinions and feelings. Suddenly they have preferences and start to understand the feelings of happiness, sadness and anger. They want to be more independent and have to learn the hard way that somethings don’t come easy.

My three year old and I have had a rough week. One where I literally said “I don’t know what to do anymore.” I cried. I had bad mom moments that I regretted later.

Today it hit me, Motherhood has many seasons and each season your child and you must adapt to the new changes that come with growing up. They call parents “grown ups” but in reality we never stop “growing up.” As they learn, we learn. As they change, we change. As they grow, we must grow. It will never stop.

Just like a toddler has bad days so will moms and that’s perfectly okay. Tomorrow is a new day to learn and “grow up” together. Embrace each season, keep on changing, keep on learning, and keep on growing. But most importantly just keep on going.


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