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Hospital Bed Rest: Week 1

Friday, August 5th I got dressed to go for my weekly checkup at my OBGYN. 5 days of modified bed rest and 12 days of strict at home bed rest completed. Honestly, I had a bad feeling in my gut about this appointment. I had been monitoring my blood pressure at home to give the doctor a progress report and I knew that my blood pressure was getting worse everyday. I even had my mom pack a hospital bag in case we weren't coming home.

Sure enough, my mom and I showed up at the doctor's office and as soon as the nurse checked my blood pressure the look on her face said I wasn't going to be going back home. I was told that I was being sent to the High Risk OB wing at the hospital and that I would be staying there for the remainder of my pregnancy. My heart was shattered and to say I was worried was an understatement. I was only a few days past 28 weeks of being pregnant.

I was diagnosed with Gestational Hypertension: Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. A blood pressure disorder that only occurs in every 6-8% of pregnancies. I could no longer stand up without my blood pressure tipping towards dangerous levels and was told that each week it would get worse and could possibly develop into preeclampsia. This was happening much sooner in my pregnancy than when most women start to get symptoms. The high risk doctor told us they weren't sure I was going to make it to 31 weeks of pregnancy.

I remember walking down the hallway of the hospital as slowly as possible knowing that I wouldn't get to walk through the hallways again for a long time. "Hold it together Kandis!" I kept telling myself. I needed to be strong. I needed to be brave for Raylon and my family.

I was quickly admitted and was immediately given my first round of steroid shots to help Raylon's lungs grow quickly, in case of an emergency delivery. Lots of tests were ran and shots were given. I didn't even have time to process everything that was happening.

The first few days were a huge blur. It was the weekend so we had lots of sweet visitors around the clock. I was blessed with lots of beautiful flowers and gifts. In between, Anthony and I meet with doctors and the Neonatologist as well as a tour of the NICU (this is the only time I've left my room since I got here). I didn't sleep much the first 72 hours. How could I? I was scared for my baby and scared for my life. The doctor gave me sleeping medicine and thanks to 12 hours of sleep and comfort from my hubby and my Momma I was coming back around to myself.

Day five I had my first good cry. I cried because I had to face that alone time with my husband was over and I wouldn't share a bed with him for a very long time. I cried because I suddenly couldn't work at all. I cried because I couldn't have maternity photos done. I cried because I couldn't have baby showers. I cried because I couldn't decorate my first baby's nursery that I had planned for. It was good to cry.

After a down day I told my doctor that I was missing my dog. I was floored when she decided that she would write orders for pet visits. The next day I was so happy to see my sweet girl walk through the door. I'm not sure who was more excited, her or me.

One of the very few good things about hospital bed rest is that I get to hear my pumpkins heartbeat twice a day. He is always so active and it makes me happy to hear him healthy.

My first week of hospital bed rest is complete. It was long and stressful but the good news is the doctors say that this is working. They now believe we will make it to 34 weeks. At 36 weeks I will be induced no matter what. That will be 70 days of bed rest total for this momma. We are praying and believing for another 7 more weeks. I am now at peace. Each day is different and full of highs and lows. All that matters is our baby boy is growing safely inside me. I love him so much more than I could ever imagine.


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