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Kitchen Full of Kids

Hey there! My name is Lisa and will be writing some food related blogs so I thought I would introduce myself and leave a little insight on why I value food and all it brings to the table (#punintended).

I am a mom of two sweet babies, Riley (3) and Nico (1) who make my world go around! Their daddy and I moved to Texas almost 5 years ago to start our little family and raise them right here in the Heartland. I wear several hats when it comes to roles I play, but mostly, I am a stay at home mama trying to keep my family fed and happy!

Growing up, I never had a great relationship with food. I indulged and ate poorly and it led to making unhealthy choices. It didn't help that my version of "cooking" was ramen noodles or dialing take-out. It wasn't until we started trying for baby #1 that I actually took the time to learn what I was putting in my body and why. I completely changed the way I saw food and started to make an effort to do better for myself and my family.

Food is such a huge and unavoidable part of life but it's so often overlooked and underappreciated. My goal is to share with you what I have learned (#alwayslearning) and make your meals and cooking a little easier! Everything from recipes, meal planning, choosing ingredients and kitchen hacks! I look forward to going on a food journey with you and your kitchen full of kids (husband, roommates, dogs, or just your own fabulous self!).


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