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Letter to Baby Rees before gender reveal

Dear Baby Rees, Just one more week until you will finally have a name. Will you be a baby boy or baby girl? Mommy and Daddy can't wait to find out. If you are a baby boy I imagine you will be big hearted, love to make messes, be full of energy, and the BEST hugger just like your daddy. Daddy would seriously be on cloud nine knowing that he will have a new fishing buddy to take everywhere, someone to take to sporting events and that will play catch with him outside. Deep inside Momma feels like you are a boy. I think its because you've made this pregnancy exceptionally great for momma and everything I crave is what I would consider "manly foods" so I think it's a Mommas boy that can't wait to cuddle. Daddy likes to think you would be a daddy's boy but we both know that you would always run to momma for lovins. ;) If you are a girl, oh boy would both of us be in trouble. I think you would look just like momma and what scares me is you would act just like me too. I'm sure you would insist you are a princess and love all things that sparkle. I can already picture you being obsessed with accessories, Disney Princesses and lipstick. No doubt, you would be a bundle of sweetness and sass. Daddy has a hard time thinking about having a girl but I think its because he wouldn't know what to do. Little does he know that I'm positive you would be a Daddys girl and have him wrapped around your finger and be able to empty his pocket book with just one look. Momma has secretly wanted you to be girl because she would love to have a life long friend to be girly with and to see the love you will have for your daddy. Either way we can't wait and we are ready for a huge shopping spree! We won't be perfect parents but we promise that you will ALWAYS feel loved. Baby books scare momma... she has decided to go with her instincts and her goal is to just keep you alive. lol. We love you so much already. Although I want you to keep cooking for as long as you can I wish you would hurry up and be ready for the big world waiting for you. Love, Momma and Daddy


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