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My First Gray Hair

Today I hit a new milestone and it wasn’t an exciting one. Really are any milestones after 30 exciting? Today, at almost 31 years old, I found my first gray hair. Or should I say WHITE hair? It’s as white as snow. While FaceTiming my mother I see what I thought was a glare on my screen. Nope. This hair was sticking straight up, on the very top, front and center. Oh, and it had a tiny curl at the end. Its as of it wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. “Mom, is that a gray hair?!” She exploded into laughter, ”it sure is!” She thinks this is funny. This is her genes that have done this to me. ;-)

Now I know that some people go gray in their teens so it really isn’t an indication of age, right? I ran to the bathroom to tweeze this hair, that I secretly hoped was actually blonde, and NOPE... It’s white. White as Santa’s beard.

I have a gray hair. And yes, I’m majorly overreacting. It’s only one. But that ONE means there are probably more and more to come. Where is that fountain of youth?

Gray hair is a sign of wisdom, right? Or is it a sign of stress. I mean look at Obama and how his hairs changed over two terms. That wasn’t wisdom that was stress of running a nation. That’s almost equivalent to raising two wild boys, right?

Just like that. I’m forced to accept that I am aging. It’s going to be okay. It’s only hair and at least it’s not falling out! I’m done complaining. This was just a moment. A BIG milestone moment. Here’s to

joining the Golden Girls. I’ve always adored them anyways!


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