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One more rollercoaster ride...

Being a mother is the most emotional rollercoaster. It starts from the moment your first child takes its very first breath.

One moment you’re either laboring or lying on an operating table during the most scary and painful time of your life. The very next moment is the greatest rush of love you will ever feel when you see your baby face to face.

One moment you squeal with excitement when your baby reaches a new milestone but then the next moment you cry because another milestone has passed.

One moment you want to pull your hair out but then your baby smiles, and you want to pull them closer so you can shower them with more love.

One moment you look in the mirror and sigh at the sight of your new body. Then only moments later, while nursing your child your child, you feel like super woman.

One moment you feel so exhausted you can hardly hold your eyes open but then you’re baby cries and a burst of energy helps you stay awake a little longer.

One moment you feel like a complete failure but then your toddler says, “mommy, I love you so much” and it makes you feel invincible.

If you ever feel like your going crazy just remember you are on the greatest emotional roller coaster of your life. There will be many highs, loops and lows along the way. One day you will look back and wish you could ride that same exact rollercoaster one more time.


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