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Super Bowl Party on a Budget

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALLLLLLL?!?!? Super Bowl LIV is this Sunday! Football is HUGE in our house. Although we are loyal Dallas Cowboy fans (No... I don't want to talk about this past season) we still get excited for the Super Bowl. Almost every year we throw a Super Bowl party at the house and it's always planned only a few days before. I want to help you throw a Super Bowl Party on a budget!


First you need to invite your friends! I love to use Evite or Punchbowl to text out last minute invites.

I really like the simplicity of this FREE invite from Etsy. Click Here to go directly to the invite.

If you prefer to use Punchbowl you may like this cute invite. Click Here to go directly to the invite.


I love the set up above! I'm going to go my best to give you links to all of the necessary party supplies to achieve this look. One of my favorite sites to get party supplies is Wholesale Party Supplies. Use CODE: FROSTY to get 30% off and free shipping on orders $49+. Unless you are a fan of one of the specific teams I suggest purchasing generic football party decorations. Super Bowl decorations can be pricey the month of. Plus if you go with generic party supplies to can reuse the leftovers next year!

Click here for the burlap table cover (I suggest purchasing burlap by the yard. It way cheaper than a custom table cover.

Click here for the Grass table runner

Click here for the banner

Click here for the plates

Click here for 16 oz plastic mason jars

Click here for adorable crates

Click here for the galvanized tiered tray (use 40% off coupon on Michaels site!)

I suggest purchasing simple brown cutlery and bowls from Wal-mart, Dollar Tree, or a local party store.

Click here for these super adorable printables for only $6.00! You can customize them to say what you want. Print them at home or place a quick pick up order at CVS, Office depot or Walgreens!

I love the idea of using yellow napkins and calling them penalty flags!

Click here for the galvanized bucket

Click here for the yellow napkins

Click here for these adorable koozies!

I also think everyone should invest in a sturdy beverage tub to put ice and drinks in for all of your events. I also use mine to store party supplies in year round. Click here for this cute one I found at WalMart!

Your grand total for all of the above party supplies is around $115.00! Not bad for a cute Super Bowl party.





Juice boxes for kids



Beer/wine for adults

Easy Snacks/Appetizers:

Chips and Salsa

Veggie Plate

Fruit Plate


Pictured above is an amazing Jalapeno Popper Football Cheese Ball Click Here for the recipe

Main Dish:

Football season makes me want Chili! The easiest is to make a huge Crockpot full of Chili and sit out all of the fixins.

Here is a list of food items you would need:


Saltine Crackers


Cornbread (I LOVE Krusteaz Honey Cornbread Mix the most)

Sliced Avocado

Diced Onions

Shredded Cheese

Sliced scallions


Sour Cream

If you feel up to it grill some hot dogs and sit out some buns for a chili dog option!


Last but not least, tidy up the house the morning of, prep your food and prepare for the party! Light some candles, have the game on every tv and get ready for a Super Bowl party to remember! Most of all DON'T STRESS and HAVE FUN!


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