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Here we are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Schools are closed for another week and there is a possibility that it will be extended. The CDC is recommending that we avoid close person-to-person contact. So now we have to entertain hyper toddlers while somehow keeping our sanity. First off, don't panic! That's the worst thing you can do. Second, this is only temporary and this too shall pass. Most importantly, let's come up with a plan to make amazing memories during these unexpected days that we are forced to be together.

If your kids are anything like mine they do better with a structured schedule. As a stay at home mom, I find that sticking with a schedule makes the days go by quicker and makes me feel like we didn't just waste the day away. Here is my Quarantined with a Toddler Schedule:


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Physical Activity Ideas:

Outdoor play- If the weather is nice get outside! Go for a bike ride, play with chalk, blow bubbles, jump rope, play in the sand, go for a walk/hike, hop scotch, trampoline, jump rope, play tee ball, practice kicking a ball, throwing a ball or shooting a ball.

Indoor play-

Dance party- Turn on music or pull up music videos via Amazon play and have a fun dance party.

Build a Fort- One of my greatest childhood memories was building forts with my dad. Get creative and afterwards pop some popcorn and put on a movie to watch in the fort.

Scavenger Hunt- I love all of the ideas has on her site.

Go ole' Hide and Seek

Play tickle tag!- My son calls this "The Tickle Monster." I yell "the tickle monster is back!" he runs,I chase and then I tickle him like crazy! He loves it and so do I!

Animal Charades- Act out animals and let them guess and vice versa.

Balloons- Toddlers LOVE balloons. Blow up a balloon and try to keep it from touching the ground

Workout with Mom- This one is my favorite! Find a workout video and let your toddler workout with you. My little guy thinks this is hilarious and I get my workout in at the same time!


Learning Activity Ideas:

Read books- I always let my son pick 5 books. We cuddle up in our reading corner and read and then talk about each book together.

Nursery Rhymes- sing songs and make musical instruments. has 4 easy make your own musical instrument ideas!

Flash Cards- My son loves flash cards. Work on shapes, letters, states and numbers.

Tracing- has great ideas for pre-writing tracing.

Fine-Motor Activities- Here is an awesome list of 18 Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers from

Sensory Bins- I love all of these sensory bins on a budget ideas from

Learning Self-Care- I found the CUTEST idea called "Sparkle Germs" to teach your toddler good handwashing techniques over at

Play Dress up- kids love to dress up in costumes or in mom and dad's clothes. Be creative!

Puppet Show- Get out the teddy bears and put on a puppet show. Can't come up with your own skit? Reenact The Three Little Pigs or your favorite Disney or Bible story.

Cook together- bake cookies to decorate. This is great for fine motor skills.

Threading- Grab some string and beads and help your little one make a necklace.

Play-dough- Make shapes out of play-dough

Do a craft- with Saint Patrick's Day and Easter coming up make something special for the holiday. Here is a list of my 10 favorite Saint Patrick's Day Crafts for Toddlers


I hope that these activities not only help you get through this state of crisis but also make amazing memories with your child. Keep your head up mama, you've got this!

For information and updates on the Coronavirus visit


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