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The mom behind the Mindset of a Mom Blog

With all of the new followers I wanted to reintroduce myself. I’m Kandis! The mom behind the mindset of a mom blog. I’m a worshipper of Christ, a wife and the mother of two handsome boys. I believe that we are all created on purpose for a purpose. When I became a mom I found a new purpose and my mindset changed completely. Motherhood is a journey. Everyday there is a new lesson to be learned and problems to be solved. Mom can be the hardest but most rewarding label you will ever be given. I’m inviting you on my journey. The good and bad. The laughter and tears. The mistakes and the victories. I promise to be real and I pray that when you see Gods grace over my life that you will not feel alone and that together we can create a mindset that will mold our children to become world changers and kingdom builders. My inbox is always open. Even if we’ve never met, I’m here, I’ll laugh with you, cry with you or just be a listening ear. Mom life is hard but anything is easier with the support of others.


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