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This Too Shall Pass- Pregnancy Hospital Bed Rest

"Be still and know that I am God." I've heard this a million times before but this time its as if God has hit me over the head with this scripture. 12 days completed of bedrest and 71 days until we reach our ultimate goal of delivering our sweet baby boy at 38 weeks. I wanted to share something that is on my heart because I feel that it may help someone else.I've struggled with health issues since I was a little girl and I remember always being brokenhearted when my doctor would tell me that getting pregnant wouldn't be easy for me. Thankfully, God had other plans and knew there was nothing more than I ever wanted than to be a mother. When Anthony and I decided to get married we knew we wanted to start a family but we never imagined it would happen this quickly. I was instructed by my doctor to come off birth control and that we would start estrogen injections after a few months and that it would take time. So on January 1, 2016 I came off birth control and said a prayer that God's will would be done. Anthony and I got married on January 16, 2016 and on February 20, 2016 while packing for our honeymoon I decided to take an old pregnancy test because something just felt different. Two pink lines appeared and it was the most overwhelming moment of my life. I was so shocked that it took 6 more pregnancy test and a blood test to convince me that this was really happening! I was 3 weeks pregnant with a sweet baby boy and despite the timing I was so thankful that God heard my prayers and blessed me with a miracle. I wish I could say that I has been an easy, healthy, happy pregnancy but I'll be honest... its been hard... really hard. I started with hormone issues that made me a high risk for a miscarriage the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. When we reached 12 weeks I thought "Thank you Lord! Its gonna be great from this moment forward." God has a sense of humor. I started to have sciatic pain and pelvic bone issues at 20 weeks that lead to lots of doctors appointment, physical therapy and chiropractor visits. I thought I've got this. It could be worse. Then at 25 weeks I went in for a normal doctors appointment to find that I suddenly had blood pressure issues. Two trips to the hospital and modified bedrest quickly turned into strict bedrest. Strict bedrest is hard. I'm quickly learning that you have good and bad days. Some days fly by and others creep by slowly and you can't help but feel lonely at times. I've had many sleepless nights. The other night I was restless, sad and frustrated. The scriptures "Be still." and "This too shall pass" kept coming into my mind. I'm a very active person and I'll admit that sometimes it really does take a mountain for God to get to me. THIS is a mountain that I never thought I would face before and like all the times before I knew that I needed to call on Him. As always He met me the moment I reached out to him. He reminded me that this is TEMPORARY. That his love is stronger than any of my worries or anxiety. We have set a goal to make it to 38 weeks and although I know it will be difficult I'm not worried. I'm learning to trust him even more than I ever have before. God has great plans for this little boy and someday when he is going through a tough time I plan on sitting him down and tell him my story and that this too shall pass. Although I'm weak right now, God is strengthening me each day. In 9 weeks or less I'll get to hold the greatest gift God has ever given me. My sweet little miracle that I had to face a mountain for. Each day that passes I'm one step closer to the top and I'm already thankful for the wonderful testimony I will have to share with others. No matter what you are going through... remember that trials and tribulations are only temporary and this too shall pass just as past trials have before. I'm thankful for this time that I have to be still and love on Him. Time to build a bond with our unborn son that I feel moving inside me everyday. I hope this helps someone that is feeling lost or lonely today. Please remember that "This too shall pass."


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