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Toughest part of being sick with two kids

The flu has hit our home hard. Our 8 month old started running a high temp on Wednesday morning. I thought he had an ear infection but sadly, he tested positive for type a flu. It’s been a scary week of high temps. But we did get lots of cuddles with our sweet baby boy.

As a stay at home mom it is so difficult to keep everyone well when a virus hits. Thankfully, my parents stepped in and offered to take our oldest, Raylon, for the weekend. With high hopes that we can keep him well and so far so good. He spent 4 days with his PaPa & Shugs. He came home after I spent all Sunday airing out the flu bug. I was thankful that my baby boy was coming back home and everyone was well!

But in the matter of an hour after he was home Laytons fever shot up again and then I even started to feel achy. We went back to the doctor and Layton had a double ear infection and an eye infection due to all of the drainage caused from the flu.

Then I also tested positive with the flu. 103 temps, chills, aches, cough... the symptoms came on fast.

So now we are back to keeping our oldest and husband well and away from Layton and I. It’s been so hard that Raylon has begged over and over to cuddle with momma. The sad face he makes when momma says “mommy is too sick” is hard on this mom. He doesn’t understand and although I’m wanting his love so badly his healthy is most important.

Hopefully we are nearing the end of this dreadful sickness so that we can all cuddle on the couch together asap!


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