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Week 4: Surviving Hospital Bedrest

Day 42 of bed rest. It has been a long month and a half. Now I sit here counting down the days until I am 36 weeks pregnant. Only 26 days! I'm on the downhill slope now. Getting closer and closer to meeting my sweet baby boy. I hit 32 weeks on Wednesday and it brought me so much joy. We set milestones of 28 weeks, 32 weeks, and 36 weeks. If I just tackled day 42 of bed rest I know I can tackle 26 more!!

This week was much better than the last. But as expected the bigger I get the more uncomfortable I get. I feel pretty massive at this point and can't believe I'm actually going to get bigger in the coming weeks. Lots of aches and pains. Its basically impossible to get comfortable. I switch from the hospital bed and couch constantly. Lordy, I sure do miss my bed.

Raylon got another sonogram yesterday and he was doing great!! Grew almost an entire pound in one week. They are estimating him to be just over 4 lbs now. I can't wait to kiss on those chubby cheeks when he gets here.

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