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Week 7: Surviving Hospital Bed Rest

Day 65 of bed rest! That's a total of 9 weeks and 2 days of sitting on my big pregnant butt. haha I've been in the hospital for 7 weeks as of today. I can't believe it. Time has moved by so slowly but so quickly at the same time. This week was full of excitement and I've looked forward to writing about it all week.

Saturday, my doctor let me have a small family baby shower here at the hospital. My mom, mother-in-law, Aunts, and Cousins worked together to put on a cute Dallas Cowboy themed shower. Anthony, Raylon and I were blessed with so many wonderful gifts. Thank you to all of our family that made it out to the party. A HUGE thank you to my Momma, Gram and Anthony for taking everything to the house and organizing everything so that its ready when I get home. We are ready now!

On Sunday, my family came up to the hospital to watch the Dallas Cowboys play on the projector in my room. The Cowboys won! I also kicked butt in fantasy football. It was such a great day!!! We can't wait to add Raylon to our Sunday football parties.

As for the remainder of the week, the weekend completely wore me out. I had lots of issues with my blood pressures and it took me several days of sleeping all day to catch up and get everything back down. I'm at the point in my pregnancy that I'm extremely exhausted. With only 12 days left until I get induced my doctor suggests lots and lots of rest. Since I haven't been active in over 9 weeks labor will take every ounce of energy that I have. Each week my blood pressure gets a little worse and it causes more symptoms. But I'm still trucking along. :)

We are 35 weeks pregnant this week! I can't believe we've made it this far. The High Risk doctor came for our weekly sonogram and Raylon looked super healthy and is still growing like a weed. My doctor snapped the cutest picture of his little foot. It's the cutest foot I've ever seen (I sound like such a mother). lol. My doctor came by last night to discuss the plan for induction. It had me excited and scared to death. Nonetheless, this momma is ready! Some of the nurses have started making bets on when I will pop. Most of them think Raylon will try to come on his own before my induce date since there is a crazy cold front and storms coming in this weekend. Now we just wait to see when baby boy will say he is ready. Can't wait!! 12 days or less!!

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