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When you live in Texas, seeing snow is extremely rare, so it makes for an extra special day. Especially, when the night before we literally had tornado sirens going off. Unlike most Texans, I love the colder weather. Cuddles, big sweaters, fuzzy socks, warm blankets, and hot apple cider by a fire is heavenly for me. Today was my favorite snow day. Ever. Because it was my boys very first time to see snow flurries. This morning I turned on the news to see snow covered yards in a town not far north of us. I ran to the door yelling “Raylon, come see snow!” Only to find that the snow didn’t reach our town. I was bummed and Raylon was too. Thankfully, not even 30 minutes later I look outside to see snow falling. I yelled again for Raylon. He ran to the door and stood there in amazement saying, “wow! Snooowww!” His excitement was precious. I bundled him up and let him run outside. I loved hearing the sound of his and all of the neighbors children laughing and playing in the snow. When Raylon came inside he said, “so much funnnnnn! I’m so happy!” That’s when I thought to myself, I wish everyday was like a very first snow day. What if we woke up to a new day with the same attitude Raylon had seeing snow? What if, we realized that every morning is a blessing from God. One that we don’t deserve but He gives us to start a new. Yesterday’s trials could’ve felt like a tornado blew through but tomorrow may bring sweet snow flurries. ❄️ ⛄️ #bloggers #momblog #parenting #funnymom #parenthood #motherhood #lifewithatoddler #mindset #mindsetofamom #toddlerproblems #momproblems #sahmlife #sahm #lifestyleblog #momlife #boymom #blog #mom #momblogger #diyblog #homedecor #instagood #instafollow #bestoftheday #cleanbeauty



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