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Rising Above Political Stress

When most of us stepped into the voting booth we each voted for a candidate or platform that we felt was best. Personally, I voted for a platform. A platform that lined up most with my personal beliefs and what I felt most benefits our little family. I’m assuming each of my friends did the exact same.

We all build a belief system based on personal experiences, both positive and negative. Our culture also pays tribute to our personal belief system.

There are 7.7 billion people on planet Earth. All of these people have beliefs that conflict with yours—all of them. When we talk about differences between political sides, we are speaking in generalities, and we must remember not to expect every individual to behave in a manner consistent with those generalizations in every situation. If we assume that all individuals in a certain group have exactly the same characteristics, then we are stereotyping.

I want to urge my friends from BOTH sides, be mindful of the things you post. Stand for what you believe in without diminishing another for not believing the same as you. One thing I know is that politics are VERY personal-for everyone. Recognize you have different beliefs and opinions and preferences from everyone else on Earth, even people with whom you have some shared beliefs. Recognize that they have the same right to hold those beliefs that conflict with yours, as well as the right to express them. Be grateful you share that right.

I’m trying to rise above political stress by reminding myself that I am a human being, not a political being. By its very nature, politics is divisive. Throughout history, it’s always been “us” against “them.” Humanity, on the other hand, stands for something different—the things that unite us all despite our beliefs: compassion, support, and survival.

When you focus on your humanity first and go beyond politics, you’ll find that you begin to see people who support a certain ideology that is not aligned with yours more as humans and less as members of an an opposing party. Focus on what you have in common—your human nature—and you’ll see that you’ll start define people less by what they believe and more by who they are.

Let’s all work to be less offended and be kind to one another. Set an example for our children to follow. Post things that you won’t be ashamed of your children reading one day.

You may read this and disagree with my thoughts but don’t worry... I won’t be offended by it. We aren’t created to all agree on everything and that is what makes every single one of us beautiful in our own way.

- The Mindset of a Mom


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