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To the special needs Mom,

To the mother of a special needs child,

Hey momma,

I see you.

I’m sorry if you caught me staring. I hope you know it wasn’t at your child. This look is one of admiration of you, an amazing mother.

As my child plays on the swing set I see you and your daughter sitting away from the crowd. I want you to know that I see you. I really see you.

I see you trying your hardest to give your child their very best in life.

I see you hugging your non-verbal child and telling her over and over “it’s okay.”

I see you feeding your child and wiping away the food on her face.

I see you brushing the hair out of her eyes and kissing her on the head.

I see you talking to your daughter and her face lighting up at the sound of your voice.

I really want you to know that today I see you for YOU.

A beautiful mother. A mother doing her best. A mother that loves her child more than life. A mother that is exactly what your child needs. A mother making the best out of life. Still alive. Still blooming. Still growing. Your perseverance is beautiful. Your patience, discipline and love is one all mothers should strive for. You are stronger than you even realize.

Keep it up momma.

I see you.


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