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Hello Fresh Review

I decided to give Hello Fresh a shot last week after seeing several ads and other reviews. I went in completely skeptical because it just seemed like something that wouldn't benefit me much since I am a stay at home mom and I already cook at home every night, so I wasn't sure it would add anything special to my day. Well....I was wrong, it is basically the best thing ever!!

I'll break this down into a few of my key notes while reviewing and comparing to other meal delivery services, I intend to try a couple just to compare but I am pretty sold on Hello Fresh so far!

Ordering and Delivery: Ordering was super easy and user-friendly, they have an app which is always a bonus. I ordered on a Saturday night and had my delivery Monday morning (this will depend on the delivery day for your area). Upon arrival everything was still frozen, cold, and fresh! Their packaging and branding is absolutely perfect, they have really taken their time to make sure everything is labeled, packed, and just flawless looking inside the box, so 5 stars there!

Cooking: Each meal is separated into individual bags so the ingredients are easy to navigate. Each meal comes with a cook instructions card that walks you step by step through the meal and it's very easy to follow. A majority of the prep work is done for you so you can flow right through the cooking. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to duplicate the meal so closely to how it's pictured. One of my skepticism's was that mine would probably look nothing like this professionally done picture. I'll let you be the judge but I feel like they are just as beautiful!

Flavor: I don't have much to say for Flavor other than it was amazing, I didn't have to add any seasoning and everything tasted perfectly fresh and quality! Cost and Value: This was my biggest concern ordering these was if the cost would be worth the product. It seemed expensive to me at first glance but after thinking of how much I would spend on groceries made me realize that it actually works out the same and even cheaper for most meals. A quick comparison, the Prosciutto Chicken meal ingredients would have cost me $28.50 approximately at Walmart and I paid about $22 with Hello Fresh and they took half the work out of the meal for me so well worth it!

Downsides: The only criticism I have is that it isn't super allergy friendly when you are picking meals, you have to really dig to find the full list of ingredients for each product. It does flag major allergens like peanuts on the main label but for us I had to dig to find the content of grains that my daughter can't have and make sure they weren't in the bread or tortilla but overall it's still not a big deal since I'm used to doing that at restaurants anyways.

Recap: I would 100% recommend Hello Fresh to any of my family or friends. If you have a busy schedule like I do but still love to cook fresh food then this is the meal service for you. Quality was superb, instructions easy to follow and value was well worth it. I have a discount code to help you get your first week of boxes so that it is an even better deal for you! Can't wait to hear what you think about it!

$40 off your first box of Hello Fresh!


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