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March is National Essential Tremor Month

You may be asking yourself, what are Essential Tremors? I also had never heard of the term until last year. When our youngest was 3 months old he starting having unusual movements throughout the day. We called them "shakes." It happened so often that other people would ask if he was cold or if he was okay. I captured a few videos to show to his pediatrician. The pediatrician said this movements were not normal and referred us to Children's in Dallas. There was mainly concern that he may be having small seizures.

The Children's Neurology Department got him in and began a series of tests. It was so scary, as a parent, to watch our newborn go through so many tests and not know what the outcome would be. We were so thankful to discover that he was not having seizures. He was diagnosed with Essential Tremors.

What is Essential Tremors?

Essential Tremors is a neurological movement disorder that causes involuntary shakes in the hands. The shakes look very similar to Parkinson's Disease. But the two are not the same. Essential Tremors are actually more common. It knows no race, age or gender and it actually occurs in 5% of children.

We are thankful that it was not worse and that since his testing his tremors are becoming less frequent. Our prayers is that in time they will go away. Here is a video of his tremors in his hands.

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