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National Oreo Day

Today is the best holiday ever if you ask me, It's National Oreo Day!!!! A.k.a the most delicious day of the year, there is a reason they call it America's favorite cookie after all!

A super easy and amazingly yummy Oreo favorite of ours is cookies and cream cheesecake bites. It's a perfect no-bake and no fuss dessert which happens to be my favorite kind. I consider myself a great cook but baking is not my forte. Steak, chicken, pasta, veggies I can cook any day but ask me to make a cookie and I'm lost! That is why I love recipes like these so much!!

Oreo Cheesecake Bites

-Pack of regular Oreo

-Box of Instant Cheesecake Mix

-Cupcake liners

-Milk in the amount of directions on the cheesecake mix

-Place an Oreo into each cupcake liner, this will make 12 per box of cheesecake mix

-Mix up your instant cheesecake batter and pour over cookies

-Place 6 oreos into a ziploc bag and crush (if you want more of a dry crumb on top then scrape out the filling of these first).

-Top with crumbles and set in fridge for an hour

Serve and Enjoy!

If you can open a pack of Oreo's and only eat one then I'm pretty sure you are some kind of a super-human! Grab yourself a glass of milk and enjoy an Oreo today!


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