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Tonight a woman is heartbroken

Tonight a woman is heartbroken. A mom is kissing one less head goodnight. A wife is crawling into a bed to feel the cold sheets instead of the warmth of her husbands body. Tomorrow morning she will wake to realize it wasn’t all a dream and peel herself out of her bed to be there for her daughters. Her three daughters that have one less sister to share their lives with and no daddy to kiss them good morning. With her broken-heart she will wipe away tears and say it will all be okay. She will make two less breakfasts, do less dishes, less laundry and clean less messes. All things that she will wish for a chance to do all over again. So tonight as you put your kids to bed kiss them on the head and hug them tight. In the morning make them that breakfast, clean up the messes and be so thankful for the beautiful mess and a gift of another day with the ones you love. Tonight a woman is heartbroken.

Sending prayers to the Bryant family.


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